5 Ways to Showcase Your Programs

Back to School Style

The look of your athletic website matters, because the website is often the ‘front door’ of the athletic department. But don’t worry. BigTeams can help you share pertinent information with ease and help you start off the fall season in style. Now is the time to assess the look of your site; make sure the homepage is one your school community will be proud of.

Share the Content

Website content can be updated daily by athletic staff, coaches, and even by fans! Fans can upload photos taken at events that (with administrative approval) can be posted on the site. By providing permissions to multiple people, you ensure your site is filled with current content. Above all, accurate and relevant content drives site traffic through the roof.

Social Media is Your Friend

Boost fan engagement with social media; BigTeams makes it simple! Integrate your school’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with the athletic website. This simple step automatically displays social media posts on your homepage, so your fans find all the team highlights in one spot.

Communication is Key

Encourage parents, coaches, grandparents, and students to create fan accounts so that they may follow specific teams. Subscribed fans receive alerts any time their teams post announcements, headlines, or event changes. Promoting fan accounts greatly improves communication AND minimizes incoming phone calls to the athletic department!

Money, Money, Money

Raise money for your athletic programs with paid advertising on your site. Selling ads to local businesses generates much-needed revenue for your athletic department! Check out our marketing playbook to learn more!