BigTeams New Product Line

Introducing BigTeams New Product Line

For years, school administrators have sought the same thing, “one easy place to do it all.”  Burdened by independent systems that don’t work together, administrators want an end to double work.  For this reason, BigTeams is pleased to announce  the launch of our new product line.  This product line offers an industry-changing platform to manage both athletics and activities in ONE, integrated system. 

Please take a moment to read more about each of our new products.  These products can work together or independently, allowing you to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.  


A complete event management tool that coordinates details (like facilities, transportation, and staff assignments) and streamlines workflow so administrators spend less time on tedious tasks.


A comprehensive student management system with a custom online registration tool in a secure HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA compliant environment.


A health module for athletic trainers that records injuries and medical treatments. All stakeholders have up-to-date emergency information and injury status.  Most importantly, Med Central expedites student-athlete care.


An intuitive, mobile-friendly, and ADA compliant website to showcase your teams, schedules, coaches, and scores.


A flexible and easy-to-use application to create team schedules in seconds. Using stock formulas or custom formulas, schedules can be generated and exported to Schedule Star with a couple clicks of a button.


A secure tool for associations that exports participation data, tracks eligibility, and manages rule compliance,

Our combined product allows for Athletic Directors and School Administrators to spend more time mentoring coaches and guiding student-athletes on the correct path.

To learn more about BigTeams new product line, join us for a brief demo.