BigTeams: Top 10 of 2019

2019 was a very productive year for BigTeams.  With 347 enhancements, our product improved every day.  In addition, we forged alliances with key strategic partners.  Most importantly, we merged with another industry leader to bring the most comprehensive administrative solution to high school associations and their member schools.  Be sure to check out BigTeam’s Top 10 accomplishments for 2019.

10. League Central Pro

Eliminate duplicate entry for schools with our League Central Pro application. Create league and conference schedules in seconds and export them to each school’s Schedule Star account!

Give us 15 minutes, and we will show you a better way to build team schedules.  Register HERE to check it out.

9. Student Ethnicity

To assist with all federal reporting requirements, we added an Ethnicity field into the student directory in Schedule Star. This field is populated with a pulldown using the aggregate reporting categories required by the US Department of Education.

8. Event Reminders & Notifications

Schedule Star sends automated reminders and notifications.  For example, you can send notices to opponents, officials, game help, and transportation coordinators. Now everyone will be in the loop, even when changes are made.

7. Paperless Contracts

With our new revamped contract management capability, you can send contracts to opponents and officials electronically! #savethetrees

6. Schedule Star rosters

Save time using the NEW ‘Add to Roster’ button located in the student directory tab.

5. Meet Scoring

Multi-team event scoring is now easier than ever. Schedule Star’s new score feature allows you to score events as either meets or individuals duals, allowing you the greatest flexibility for entering contests.  

4. App Launcher

Our new App Launcher allows you to quickly navigate between our products Schedule Star, BigTeams, League Central, and PlanetHS! Find our App Launcher in the top right corner of your screen when logged in.

3. Mobile Support for customers

Text us when you need support! No more having to open up your email, now just contact us from your phone! Mobile support is available 8-5 pm, Monday-Friday.  Click HERE to opt-in to this new service now.  

2. FamilyID Integration

Integrate your FamilyID account with Schedule Star to view your student athlete’s registration forms and create the rosters within Schedule Star. 

1. Merger with PlanetHS

In October, we officially became a BIGGER TEAM as we merged with PlanetHS. We now offer a one-stop-shop for all your scheduling, registration, fee collection, website, and coach management needs! Want more information? Reach out to!