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Welcome to the BigTeams Community Forum!  




Welcome to the BigTeams Community Forum.  This is the place for you to provide us with valuable product feedback, as well as share helpful insights with fellow athletic administrators.   Please review the guidelines below to make sure the Forum is a success.  

How to Share Feedback

  1. Register - Be sure to Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community.
  2. Product Idea - If you have a suggestion for new features/functionality, first check to see if someone else has posted it. 
    • If the idea has already been submitted, open the topic and click the 'Like' button on the topic to vote for it.  
    • If the suggestion has not been made, please select the appropriate forum topic (Schedule Star, Website, etc).  Next, select 'Add Topic' in the upper right of the page.  Be sure to title your post in a clear way.  For example, if your suggestion was to add the ability to mass clear GPA's, title your topic "Season Updates: Mass clear GPAs" or something similar.  The more clear the title is, the more likely others are to click on it and vote for it.
  3. Bugs or issues - Please do not use this forum to submit bugs.  Instead, please submit all issues to  When submitting the request, identify your request as a bug in the subject line, so that we can route it more quickly.  Please be as specific as possible and be sure to include the steps you took that caused the bug.
  4. Pro Tips - If you have tips on how fellow athletic administrators can use their products, please submit these helpful topics under the Pro Tips section.  Use the 'Add Topic' button to share your words of wisdom.

Remember: for product support, please visit the The Bullpen.  If you can't find your topic there, please contact