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Big News!

BigTeams-Schedule Star and PlanetHS are pleased to announce they have entered into a merger agreement to deliver an all-inclusive management platform that connects athletic departments, school districts, leagues & state associations. All too often, athletic administrators are burdened with additional responsibilities as a result of cost-cutting measures. These extra duties and the inherent time constraints are a conducive environment for mistakes and a source of real anxiety for athletic directors. In fact, 76% of surveyed athletic directors claim that liability issues is their number one concern. Adding to this problem is the fact that, athletic administrators have to juggle numerous systems that don’t communicate with one another.Recognizing the need for a more efficient, integrated solution, BigTeams and PlanetHS plan to combine their product line and offer a complete suite of products designed to meet the unique needs of high school athletic departments and state activity associations. Streamlining daily operations and automating risk management /compliance requirements will allow administrators to focus on more important tasks, like mentoring staff members and building student leaders.This merger creates a unique solution for school districts, athletic departments and state associations that eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces errors and minimizes risk. Athletic directors and state associations interested in taking advantage of this all-encompassing solution for managing their departments can contact us at

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