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Season Schedule "Page View"  



Many of our website viewers have asked for the ability to print a "page view" schedule of all team/sport schedules in one viewable/printable document. Of course, based on the number of teams & sports in any given season, this may print on to two or three pages. Or, perhaps one could select which sport(s) & level(s) they want to populate (ie, print JV & Varsity Boys Basketball, Varsity Girls Basketball, Hockey, and Wrestling only OR "print all winter sports", etc.).

We recently got rid of having pocket schedules and wall calendars printed, so the only current option is to view schedules on BigTeams. This has received quite a bit of criticism from computer novices and older folks. For our department or a family member of one of those people to have the ability to print "page view" in any given season would be really helpful to us as AD's.


If it can't be done through BigTeams, then perhaps we, as AD's, could have the Page View option in Schedule Star, print, and post the PDF to BigTeams???