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Ticket Central

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Digital Ticketing for K-12 Schools and Colleges.

  • Effortless Integration
  • Convenient Ticket Sales
  • Flexible Payment Processing
  • Streamlined Finances
  • Adaptable Hardware Solutions

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Ticket Central

Powered by S2PASS

sync your data

Sync with Schedule Star

Little to no double data entry. For most critical workflows, changes in Schedule Star will NOT require you to update your Ticket Central box office, saving your time and headache.

Talk with our team to find out more, and see it in action.

manage tickets

Sell Your Tickets

Provide the convenience of cashless, paperless, and pre-sale ticketing options for all types of events.

Rapid and efficient self-contained ticket redemption will get your fans into each event as quickly as possible.

In addition to these efficiencies, you may split all or a portion of any funds associated with your ticketing sales to any other S2 Pass account holder or your school’s booster clubs at the point of purchase.

graphs - sell your event concessions

Sell Your Event Concessions

Allow your fans to purchase concessions items through the same platform, our proprietary hardware solutions, or the same ticketing application. Similarly to our ticketing process, you may also redistribute these funds to other S2Pass account holders and your booster clubs at the point of purchase.

Efficient and Simple Hardware Solutions

Not only can you accept all payments remotely, but your institution will also have the option to use our S700 hardware system to process payments manually when required. This dynamic device doubles as a ticket-scanning device for even more flexibility.

Efficient Payment Solutions

Process Payments for Non-Ticketed Items

Your institution can process all other general fees through the platform in addition to event tickets and concessions items.

Consolidated and Automated Financial Reporting Solutions

By consolidating all of these digital payments, we can also significantly improve the efficiency of your processes surrounding financial reporting and deposit reconciliations. You may also customize your deposit schedule to fit into your workflows.

Rapid and Person-to-Person support

Every account is assigned a dedicated client success manager to provide hands-on support every step of the way. Your institution will also have access to our dedicated support line and proprietary notification center for rapid response and resolution regarding any need you may have.