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Revolutionize the Way You Manage Athletics

We’ve been pioneering athletic management tools for decades, establishing the gold standard many aspire to match.

Experience the convenience of consolidated tools and the effeciency of automation so you can focus on what truly matters... shaping champions and building future leaders.

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What is BigTeams?

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Discover the BigTeams Advantage

Comprehensive All-in-One Platform

BigTeams offers a comprehensive suite of tools covering everything from eligibility management and scheduling to coaching staff oversight and document management, all within one integrated platform.

Intuitive User Experience

BigTeams prides itself on an intuitive interface. Athletic directors can manage complex tasks without extensive training, saving time and reducing the learning curve.

Extensive K-12 Experience

With over a decade of experience serving the K-12 market, BigTeams understands the nuances of school athletics, providing insights and solutions that come from years of specialized knowledge.

Exceptional Customer Support

BigTeams provides exceptional customer support, ensuring that clients receive prompt assistance, training and guidance whenever they need it.

Data Security and Compliance

BigTeams prioritizes data security, ensuring that sensitive information is protected at all times and compliance with educational regulations is maintained.

Innovation in Action

BigTeams is committed to continuous improvement, regularly updating and enhancing its offerings to keep clients at the forefront of sports management technology.



For Schools

  • Athletic Scheduling
  • Team Management
  • Online Registration
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Community Engagement
  • Administrative Tools

For School District

  • Online Registration
  • Activity Management
  • Coach & Staff Management
  • Educational Training
  • 3rd Party Integration


For Associations

  • Eligibility Compliance
  • Transfer Management
  • Document Collection
  • Association Websites
  • Team Schedule Builder

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