BigTeams has over a decade of experience providing comprehensive software solutions and custom branded websites for states and conferences. We are uniquely positioned to provide the full solution that your organization is looking for.

Our products automate challenging tasks like eligibility compliance and transfer management, for both you and your member schools.   Save time, eliminate mistakes and communicate more effectively as a group within a single platform.

We also support key integrations with SIS products and other systems that need athletic event data to all of your stakeholders are happy with an easier way to stay compliant with less data entry.

Eligibility Compliance

  • Manage athletic and activity requirements for member participants
  • Access eligibility records for all member schools
Schedule Star
Custom Website

Transfer Management

  • Automate athlete transfer process 
  • Built-in approval hierarchy 
  • Save incomplete transfer forms 
  • Track of ongoing status of each request

Document Collection

  • Collect required documents for approval
  • Track and record digital signatures
Admin Tools


  • Identify member schools
  • Share Association information
  • Display compiled schedules, scores & standings
  • Generate revenue with corporate sponsor advertising

Team Schedule Builder

League Central

  • Build team schedules in seconds
  • Use pre-loaded formulas including crossover schedules or create custom schedules
  • Duplicate schedules for sub-level teams (ie. junior varsity)
  • Export games to Schedule Star with a click of a button
League Central


BigTeams has been the trusted provider of websites for several associations around the country.  These include the NHIAA, PSADA, DAANJ, OADA, VIAAA, MSADA, NYSAAA, MIAAA, and others.  Our position as the premier provider of technology solutions has allowed us to serve multiple groups from state associations down to the smallest of schools, and we take pride in our ability to cover the entire spectrum of the high school athletics market.