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BigTeams New Product Line

Introducing BigTeams New Product Line

For years, school administrators have sought the same thing, “one easy place to do it all.”  Burdened by independent systems that don’t work together, administrators want an end to double work.  For this reason, BigTeams is pleased to announce  the launch of our new product line.  This product line offers an industry-changing platform to manage both athletics and activities in ONE, integrated system. 

Please take a moment to read more about each of our new products.  These products can work together or independently, allowing you to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.  

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Making the Switch to Electronic Registration

Each season, thousands of activity departments manually collect paper registration forms.  Most admit that it is a tedious, inefficient process.  In addition, paper forms provide ample opportunites for error.  Yet many schools choose to stick with an outdated, familiar method, even though significantly better alternatives exist. Advances in electronic registration have eliminated any reason to continue collecting papers.

CLICK HERE for more information about the benefits of electronic forms and what features to look for when purchasing a registration system.

BigTeams: Top 10 of 2019

2019 was a very productive year for BigTeams.  With 347 enhancements, our product improved every day.  In addition, we forged alliances with key strategic partners.  Most importantly, we merged with another industry leader to bring the most comprehensive administrative solution to high school associations and their member schools.  Be sure to check out BigTeam’s Top 10 accomplishments for 2019. Read More

Announcing our New Merger Agreement with PlanetHS

Important Merger Announcement

It’s a BIG day at BIGTEAMS!

BigTeams has entered into a merger agreement with PlanetHS, an industry leader in online registration, injury tracking, and eligibility. Together, we will provide the most comprehensive, integrated athletic management solution on the market.

All too often, athletic administrators are burdened with extra duties and have to juggle numerous applications that don’t communicate with one another. We promise to break this cycle. Our system streamlines daily operations and automates compliance, so you can focus on more important tasks, like mentoring coaches and building student leaders.

“We are excited to join forces with PlanetHS. Together our team will deliver unprecedented technology to alleviate overloaded school administrators,” said Joe Romano, CEO of BigTeams.

CLICK HERE to read the formal announcement.

Athletic administrators and state association leaders are invited to join a brief webinar to learn more about this all-encompassing solution or feel free to contact us at for more information.

BigTeams Product Updates

We have improved eContracts by providing the ability manually confirm or resend contracts.  PLEASE NOTE:  The electronic contract feature is available to all subscribers, but it must be turned on.  To enable electronic contracts, please email

Once a team schedule is created, you now have the option to export the events to excel.

When creating team schedules, you may now add a segment to designate a sub-division for a gender/level/sport.  This sub-division feature will enhance editing and reporting for groups.

Now you can send automated emails to your transportation contacts when you postpone, cancel or modify an event!  Simply add a contact (with an email address) to each entry in the transportation directory.  When an event is changed, the contact will receive an automatic email notice.

We have added new crossover formulas to our list of available stock formulas.  These newest options allow you to create crossover formulas for two sections of five teams, two sections of seven teams, or two sections of nine teams.

Not using League Central yet to create schedules for your league or conference?  CLICK HERE to schedule a quick demo.

You may now send automated event reminders to your tranportation coordinator.  Coming soon: Automated event change notifications to your transportation coodinator

You can now designate a pick-up location for events.  Access the transportation tab to select the appropriate facility.  This new field can be pulled into reports using our Advanced Report builder.

Position and fees for officials and game workers are now easier to manage.  Remove items that are no longer needed or that were created in error.  Click on link to see how.

We have added an email field to the transportation directory.  This is the first step to being able to send reminders and change notifications to your tranportation coordinator.  Stay tuned for additional updates.

We’ve updated the opponent display to show the school’s phone number.  In addition, we’ve improved the search functionality.

Navigate with ease to other applications (Schedule Star, BigTeams website, PlanetHS, etc) using our new app launcher.  The app launcher can be found in the top right corner of each app (look for the 9 dot square).

We have improved the electronic contract workflow by providing a better preview screen.  In addition, we have enhanced the generation step to improve performance.  PLEASE NOTE:  The electronic contract feature is available to all subscribers, but it must be turned on.  To enable electronic contracts, please email

With a new way to score meets in Schedule Star, we have updated the website display to accommodate the scoring changes.

We’ve added a new way to score meets in Schedule Star.  You now have the ability to score multi-team events as head to head contests.  This means you can add tri-meets, quad, etc and score those events as duals.  This will save you time with data entry!

To assist with Federal reporting requirements, we have added a field called Ethnicity into the student directory.  The field is populated with a pulldown using the seven aggregate reporting categories required by the US Dept of Education.  Those categories are: Hispanic/Latino (of any race), American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American,Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, White, and Two or more races.  This field can be included in a student import.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that your website is compliant for use by those with disabilities. This includes giving vision, hearing and physically impaired individuals the ability to navigate and interact with your website. In our effort to meet the required standards, we have recently completed a number of compliance projects.

Consecutive events in the same facility will no longer trigger a conflict warning.  In other words, two events (one ending at 5pm and one beginning at 5pm) will not activate a notice that a facility conflict exists.

Create an entire league or conference schedules and then send those schedules electronically to individual school’s Schedule Star account with only a few clicks. Eliminate duplicate entry for schools with our New League Central Pro application!

Your account information is now available from within the Schedule Star application!  Check out your renewal date or your subscription level.  You can even request an invoice or upgrade your account from this new screen.

By popular demand, a new ‘Add to Roster’ button has been added to the student directory.  Now you can add new students to a roster with ease.

Exchange opponent and official contracts COMPLETELY electronically with our newly revamped contracts management feature.  NOTE:  This new feature is available to all subscribers, but it must be turned on.  To enable electronic contracts, please email