Pending Data Share Implementation with MHSAA

We’re excited to share some upcoming developments that will greatly benefit streamline operations for high school athletic administrators. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, we are in the process of implementing a data share in collaboration with MHSAA.  This is in addition to our active support of helping you get data from our products into facility management software, referee, software, school calendars, phones, etc.  Click here to learn more or talk to your rep! 

The MHSAA initiative aims to seamlessly integrate relevant athletic data between Schedule Star and the MHSAA site. This data share will ultimately save you valuable time by eliminating the need for double data entry.

While we are optimistic about the potential benefits this data share will bring, we want to ensure transparency regarding the complexities involved in the implementation process. Our team, alongside MHSAA, is diligently working to address any challenges that may arise to ensure a smooth and successful rollout.

We will provide regular updates as we progress towards implementing the data share!