7 (new) Ways to BigTeams

Be more productive this winter season with seven gift wrapped software tools to tackle the hustle and bustle of the athletic office.

Stop collecting paperwork (seriously).

BigTeams offers a new, easy way to collect forms with online registration. Worrried that your parents aren’t tech-savvy or might not have access to computers? Convinced that you can’t afford it? Think you don’t think you need it?

Give us 30 minutes, and we will eliminate any reservations you have.  Register HERE to check it out.

Do more by doing less.

Athletic administrators are often caught in the middle of multiple software applications that don’t talk to one another.  Therefore, they waste countless hours adding schedules and rosters into multiple places.  Do yourself a favor, and check out our integration partners.  From facility companies to school websites, we work with a number of strategic partners to make your life easier. For more information, email bullpen@bigteams.com  SUBJECT: Partner Info.

Clean up your act.

Or rather, clean up your student data. Aren’t you tired of hand-entering new students into your directory?  Are you worried that the data isn’t accurate?  BigTeams now integrates with SIS companies (I know some of you are saying, “What is an SIS company.”) . SIS is short for Student Information System, and it’s the application schools use to track enrollment, grades, and attendance.  (Think PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Skyward, etc).  This new feature is part of our new Student Central product. Register HERE to check it out.

Rest easy, knowing injuries are documented.

In this litigious age, your staff must properly document athletic injuries and medical treatments.  In the past, this often meant purchasing an altogether different record keeping system.  Now BigTeams offers Med Central to track injuries and follow-up care.  Athletic trainers, coaches, parents and athletic administrators are connected by one, easy to use system.  SIGN UP to explore the product.

Stop worrying about compliance.

Let our system maintain compliance for you.  The new Student Central product tracks state mandated pitch count rules for you.  It even calculates the days of rest automatically based on your state association’s guidelines.

Generate team schedules in seconds.

If you have been charged with creating team schedules for your league/conference/school district, you know how time consuming and tedious the process is.  But it doesn’t have to be.  With our League Central product you can:

  • Build team schedules in seconds
  • Use pre-loaded formulas or custom schedules (including crossovers)
  • Easy duplicate schedules for other teams
  • Export games to Schedule Star 

CLICK HERE to schedule a brief webinar to learn more.

Keep better track of assets.

Catalog, track, and distribute uniforms, general equipment, practice gear, and even training items.  Manage reconditioning with automated reminders. Categorize your inventory by brand, manufacturer, vendor, price, serial #, size, and item #.  Join our WEBINAR for details.