BigTeams Partners with HomeTown Ticketing to Support Athletic Directors and Welcome New Integration Opportunities

COLUMBUS, OH – October 28, 2021

For Immediate Release

HomeTown Ticketing is pleased to announce their partnership with BigTeams, a leader in providing athletic directors with scheduling, management, and compliance tools to streamline and simplify their everyday tasks. This partnership highlights the increasingly positive advantages that technology provides in the school and athletics spaces. Working in the same spaces, both companies align in their goals to support athletic departments in creating stronger, larger programs while making it easier to manage all that comes with the sports and events.  

BigTeams’ flagship product, Schedule Star, allows athletic directors and administrators to manage the ins and outs of their teams all from a centralized, mobile platform, creating less paperwork and enhancing compliance. HomeTown’s previous experience with integrating scheduling systems into the HomeTown platform opens the door to explore similar solutions with Schedule Star within the HomeTown event management and ticketing platform. 

“BigTeams’ main goal is to enable school athletic & activity administrators to focus on more important things, like fostering student leaders and mentoring staff members.  Accordingly,  we are pleased to offer a schedule integration with the leading K-12 digital ticketing platform.  This strategic partnership allows us to provide a more efficient, high quality experience for everyone.”

 – Jennifer Motze, VP of School Development   |  BigTeams    

“HomeTown’s partnership with BigTeams is a continuation of our mission of supporting school athletic programs around the country. Together, BigTeams and HomeTown will be able to offer new solutions to athletic directors and administrators via the implementation of our state of the art technology and industry leading customer service. We are excited and look forward to providing fast and easy ticketing to BigTeam schools, districts, and associations in collaboration with BigTeams.”

 – Ryan Hart, Chairman & CEO  |  HomeTown Ticketing, Inc.


Since 1964, Bigteams has been the leading provider of innovative athletic  & activity management tools serving the K-12 market. Our comprehensive solution eliminates tedious, time-consuming workflow for  thousands of schools, districts, leagues, and state associations across the country.  From scheduling to registration and eligibility, the BigTeams product line is one central point of record for all data.   BigTeams is HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA compliant and its US-based service center has a 99% Customer Satisfaction rating.   

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HomeTown Ticketing is the leading digital ticketing provider in both K–12  and collegiate spaces, serving schools, districts, conferences, and associations. A professional-level and fully automated ticketing solution, HomeTown’s in-house developed, proprietary ticketing platform is tailored specifically to the needs of schools and governing bodies. Benefits of the HomeTown system include unmatched value through easy-to-use purchasing and redemption options, custom box-offices, event and fan specific reporting tools, and secure financial management features to streamline operations and increase financial transparency. Intuitive and easy-to-use for both event organizers and ticket buyers, HomeTown never touches the event organizer’s funds, which are accessible within 24 hours from a ticket sale.

Learn more about HomeTown at | @hometowntix

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Making the Switch to Electronic Registration

Each season, thousands of activity departments manually collect paper registration forms.  Most admit that it is a tedious, inefficient process.  In addition, paper forms provide ample opportunites for error.  Yet many schools choose to stick with an outdated, familiar method, even though significantly better alternatives exist. Advances in electronic registration have eliminated any reason to continue collecting papers.

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Announcing our New Merger Agreement with PlanetHS

Important Merger Announcement

It’s a BIG day at BIGTEAMS!

BigTeams has entered into a merger agreement with PlanetHS, an industry leader in online registration, injury tracking, and eligibility. Together, we will provide the most comprehensive, integrated athletic management solution on the market.

All too often, athletic administrators are burdened with extra duties and have to juggle numerous applications that don’t communicate with one another. We promise to break this cycle. Our system streamlines daily operations and automates compliance, so you can focus on more important tasks, like mentoring coaches and building student leaders.

“We are excited to join forces with PlanetHS. Together our team will deliver unprecedented technology to alleviate overloaded school administrators,” said Joe Romano, CEO of BigTeams.

CLICK HERE to read the formal announcement.

Athletic administrators and state association leaders are invited to join a brief webinar to learn more about this all-encompassing solution or feel free to contact us at for more information.